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Defective Machinery Leads to Death of Houston Man, According to Wrongful Death Suit

By on Aug 8, 2017 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Each and every day, people across the country depend on heavy machinery to perform tasks both large and small, from massive construction projects to personal landscaping projects. When those machines are defective or fail to operate in the proper manner, however, individuals may suffer unnecessary injury and in the worst cases, may die as a result of those defects.

A news story that is developing right now involves an accident in which a Houston, Texas man was operating a bulldozer when he was killed as a result of being thrown from the platform area and crushed. The tragic accident occurred in April 20th, 2017 and the victim’s family has filed a lawsuit against Caterpillar, Inc., the manufacturer of the dozer, and Mustang Machinery, LTD, the company that sold the bulldozer to the victim’s business, Katar Construction.

While the transaction occurred in July of 2016, the victim’s family filed a wrongful death claim in Houston, alleging that there was a defective Operator Presence Sensing System and that the defendants did not warn the operators of the machinery of known defects and problems with that particular brand of bulldozer.

In wrongful death cases like this one, the surviving family members (often spouses, siblings, parents, or dependent children) may be able to take action against the manufacturer of the product that caused the accidental death, and even the business that sold the product. In our society, we have a reasonable expectation that the products we buy and the machinery we use is made and sold free of potentially hazardous defects. We also have an expectation that proper instructions and warnings be included in labels and handbooks to help protect us from harm.

If manufacturers do not take reasonable precautions to protect their customers from harm from their products, it is only right for consumers to take legal action against them. These civil actions serve not only to properly compensate families for their financial and emotional loss, but to send a message to the companies responsible that they will be held accountable for failing to protect unwitting consumers.

These actions often have positive effects moving forward. Recalls or product design changes often follow successful legal actions. Companies will often revisit and redesign products to make sure they are safe for production and will often put in better quality control standards to ensure that their products are free of harmful defects that may put consumers at risk.

Not all attorneys handle wrongful death cases, and some may not want to take on major corporations. Some, including this Houston wrongful death firm, do state that they will take on major corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies on behalf of their clients.

The specific details of each case are very different, but one thing remains constant: citizens and their families have the right to take legal action if they are harmed by a defective product, and will be able to pursue justice for a death caused by a failure on the part of a manufacturer.

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