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Crane Collapse Accidents

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Crane Collapse Accidents

Construction accidents can be sudden and scary; they often cause horrible injuries and become a very traumatic experience for the victim. According to Hach Rose, crane collapses are among some of the most common construction accidents. Cranes can have devastating effects when they are improperly set up, maintained, or operated. Crane accidents can range from the loss of cargo to a total collapse of the machine. Sadly, crane collapses and accidents are not uncommon.

Crane collapses occur most frequently in large cities, as they are areas with high rates of construction. Unfortunately, crane accidents have the potential of being especially devastating in these major cities due to the dense population are large buildings. The combination of increasingly tall cranes with dense, urban cities has become a recipe for danger. New York City has been the site of many recent crane collapses. A February 2016 crane collapse left three people injured and resulted in the death of one Wall Street worker. In July 2016, a crane collapsed onto the Tappan Zee Bridge injuring four people and leaving motorists trapped for hours. The exact cause of the malfunction was never found. New York governor Andrew Cuomo simply stated, “sometimes equipment breaks and sometimes accidents happen.”

Crane manufacturers are constantly working to make the devices safer. Currently, these manufacturers are trying to create and build in new automatic features that will prevent disaster from striking the machines. Cranes currently have “load moment indicators” that are programmed to act as limit switches. These load moment indicators prevent the crane from operating if it is carrying a load that is deemed too heavy for the machine.

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