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Are You Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits?

By on Dec 3, 2016 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Disability can be a life changing experience for an individual. When a person becomes disabled, he loses his quality of life. Depending on the type of disability, the injured person may not be able to work hence will find themselves without an income. One can avail of social security disability benefits for financial assistance.

However, just because you are disabled does not mean that you are qualified to receive social security disability benefits. There are certain requirements that you first need to satisfy to become eligible for these benefits. You first need to show proof that you are medically disabled. Under Social Security, to be considered medically disabled, one must have lost the ability to perform substantial work. For an employed worker, if the disabled person is not able to work and earn above the limit amount, then that person is truly medically disabled.

To prove medical disability, the individual must be able to present their medical records showing that the condition is too severe that it passes the requirements for Social Security Impairment listing. Social Security needs to scrutinize the evidence and make the pronunciation that the injured satisfies the requirements for Social Security disability benefits.

Another requirement that should be met by the disabled person is their functional capacity. Social Security will determine whether they can perform medium, light, or sedentary work. This can be determined by looking at the medical records of the applicant.

Finally, Social Security will make an RFC assessment in determining the applicant’s ability to do their past job. If not, it will look at the medical-vocational grid to see if they can do other jobs.

When applying for social security disability, there are also certain financial and legal requirements that you need to satisfy to receive benefits. You need to be making a certain amount of money to become eligible for the benefits.

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