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Advantages of Open Carry

By on Mar 13, 2017 in Gun Laws | 0 comments

Advantages of Open Carry

Depending on the state and jurisdiction, individuals can openly carry handguns. Though this can have its disadvantages, such as how openly carried weapons can create tense and alarming atmospheres in the premises, it cannot be denied that it has its advantages as well.

Feeling of safety

Those with openly carried handguns may feel more comfortable and safe, knowing that their weapons are not concealed and are easily accessible on circumstances where they may be necessarily used. Those around them may feel tensed because of the exposed weapons, but many will surely feel safer because someone will be assertive enough to rise when an unexpected event happens.

Easing accessibility

Since the handgun is carried in the open, it is much more accessible and therefore easier to draw when it is needed. The narrow time gap between drawing a concealed weapon and drawing an openly carried weapon may be enough to influence the effectiveness of the weapon and the outcome of the circumstances.

Deterring crime

Having an exposed weapon gives the impression that the individual is ready to defend himself. This impression will make criminals and other persons with bad intentions to think twice before committing a crime to the individual with the openly carried handgun and those around him. If enough criminals think twice, the crime rate may even take a deep dive.

Using better handguns

If an individual cannot openly carry handguns, he may use handguns that are easier to conceal. These handguns may be less effective in combat because of their size and capability. If individuals can carry handguns openly, they may be able to utilize stronger and more durable handguns.

Possible Issues

Even though there are places where handguns can be openly carried, they may be some areas where individuals will be required to conceal their weapons. According to the website of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, individuals can even be charged with gun-related offenses, such as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and deadly conduct.

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